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Happened on August 24th & 25th!

What a great event!!  Everyone had fun!

Here are the results:

Men:  1st place - Adam Sevada  

2nd place - Ian Brown

Women:  1st place - Vicki Graham (Romero)    

2nd place - Veronica Oldfield


It has been voted:  Kyle Thrasher - Vice President (2 yrs), Vicki Romero - Secretary (2 yrs)

There has been just a few changes to the By Laws.  If you would like a copy of these changes, please contact text Vicki at (928) 706-5577.

London Bridge Steel Tip Tournament


Blind Draw - 1st Jeff & Charlie

                       2nd Daniel & Tony

Mixed Doubles 501 - 1st Adam & Ashley

                              2nd Shad & Theresa

                              3rd  Mike & Ushci

                              4th David & Vicki

Ladies Doubles  501- 1st  Theresa & Tisha

                              2nd  Rose & Maile

                              3rd   Dawn & Michelle

                              4th   Ashley & Jeanne

Annual Steel tip Dart Tournament

Mens Doubles 501 - 1st Charlie & Mike

                              2nd JC & Adam

                              3rd  Jon & Smiley

                              4th David & Ron

Ladies Singles 501 - 1st Theresa

                              2nd Ashley

                              3rd  Michelle

                              4th Vicki

Mens Singles 501 - 1st Charlie

                              2nd Daniel

                              3rd Shad

                              4th Adam

Mixed Doubles 501 - 1st Charlie & Mike

                              2nd JC & Adam

                              3rd  Jon & Smiley

                              4th David & Ron

More Results

Ladies Doubles Cricket - 1st Theresa & Tisha

                             2nd Ushci & Ashley

                             3rd  Jeanne & Judy

                             4th VIcki & Yvonne

Mens Doubles Cricket - 1st JC & Adam

                             2nd Jeff & Shad

                             3rd  Charlie & Mike

                             4th Ron & David

Mixed Triples - 1st Theresa , Jeff, Shad

                             2nd  Adam, JC, Ashley

                             3rd Mike/Charlie/Ushci

                             4th Steve/Fin/Vern

Ladies Singles Cricket - 1st Theresa 

                             2nd Vicki

                             3rd TIsha

                             4th Ushci

Mens Singles Cricket - 1st Adam

                             2nd Shad

                             3rd David

                             4th JC